Around Twitter 7.23.13

Here are some of the tweets that I was able to catch ... that caught me:

My glass is neither half-full or half-empty, it's broken; but Jesus is making all things new, including my glass

Christians: When you're tempted to sin stop & remember that you're a saint in Christ. Let your theology conquer your biology.

Parents, your job is to prepare your kids for 2 things: Life, which is important, and Death, which is more important.

Vulnerability is not comfortable, but it is beautiful. Brene Brown

Fear of man is a sure sign that we trust our own abilities and resources rather than embracing and receiving what God offers for free.

Memories don’t usually hurt us. It is what we believe about those memories that hurts us and holds us back.

Inner transformation matters more than outer presentation.

Gospel-centered Living via Dan Darling

Review: Manhood Restored by Eric Mason