Review: Manhood Restored by Eric Mason

I just finished Pastor Eric Mason's book Manhood Restored, and I must say, it's one of the best books on the subject.  It's theological. It's biblical.  It's practical.  At a time when immaturity of every kind (emotional, physical, and spiritual) rules, Mason's book reminds readers what real men look like.  Mason also reminds readers what drives men and how the church needs to do in order to properly and biblically motivate them to be what God created them to be: committed to truth, gentle, humble, a servant, passionate, a leader, a disciple who makes disciples, an agent of change and growth, a "one woman" man, motivated, a repenter, wise, a visionary - with direction, responsible, a nourisher, a cherisher, a laborer, self-controled, steadfast, fearing the Lord, active participants, drawn to risk - challenge - adventure, and dependent (on Jesus) yet independent (of others unless they're necessary).

Favorite quote

"As the Son of Man, Jesus can relate to any man who has been betrayed, to anyone who has be handed over or mistreated.  The difference between most men and Jesus is that when such things happened to Jesus, He dealt with the situation with great righteousness and patience.  This is not a sign of weakness; it was a sign of true strength.  Only a man of great strength could courageously take that kind of punishment and not cry out that their rights had been violated.  Only a man of true strength could endure the cross and all it held without casting blame on someone else." ( Chapter 3 - The Restorer of Manhood (kindle edition) Manhood Restored by Eric Mason ©2013 by B&H Publishing)


I know I say this with all my book reviews, but it's true in this case as well, this is a needed book.  This book is needed for every man in every church, everywhere. This book is needed by every young man whose immaturity has led him to a false sense of entitlement.   It's needed by older men to remind them that there is a young man out there somewhere who needs a spiritual parent.  It's needed by husbands and dads who need to be reminded of the awesome responsibility of both those titles.  It's needed by elder/pastors who carry even more responsibility. It's needed by men struggling with singleness and porn addiction and other sin, to remind them that Jesus is stronger than their struggles.  To put it simply, it's needed.


Men need to be reminded that;

"Real men follow Jesus ..."(Introduction (kindle edition) Manhood Restored by Eric Mason ©2013 by B&H Publishing)

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