Ryle on Bible Reading

So, I'm prepping to walk the youth of Redeemer through different devotional or "quiet times" methods during the month of August.  I decided to start with simple Bible reading.  I came across JC Ryle's thoughts on the subject and was encouraged.  For those who don't know, Ryle is probably my favorite dead theologian.  I read his book Holiness about once a year. Ryle reminds readers about the uniqueness of the Bible.  He states it this way:

  1. No other book was written like it.
  2. No other book contains the knowledge necessary for salvation.
  3. No other book contains information on such important matters of life.
  4. No other book has had such an impact on humanity.
  5. No other book can do so much for those that read it with an open heart.
  6. No other book is the standard by which all questions of doctrine, faith, and practice can be judged.
  7. No other book is loved and lived out by true servants of God.
  8. No other book provides comfort for those in the last hours of life.

Ryle goes on to deal with different types of readers of his paper.

  1. "Can read it, but doesn't."  Ryle warns this type of person that their soul is in danger.
  2. "Wants to, but doesn't know how."  Ryle's suggestions on this: 1) Begin today. 2) Read with desire. 3) Read with childlike faith and humility. 4) Read it in the spirit of obedience and self application. 5) Read it daily 6) Read it in an orderly way. 7) Read it fairly and honestly. 8) Read it with Christ continually in view.
  3. "Loves it and believes it, but reads very little." The danger of this is seen in different ways but boils down to be insufficiently prepared for life.  The way to avoid this by read the Bible a lot!
  4. "Reads it a lot, but is no better off for it."  Ryle reminds us that there is more going on in the soul that we realize (or in my opinion can feel sometimes).
  5. "Reads it regularly."  Ryle encourages this type of person to be resolved: 1) To read it more. 2) To read it watchfully. 3) To honor it within the "family". 4) To meditate on it. 5) To talk about it. 6) To live by it.

This is all good, gospel soaked and saturated stuff.  It's a good reminder for all.

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