Saying Goodbye

  Well, it's been a week now.  A week since I left a job that I was at for more than 13 years.  A job that I can honestly say I didn't mind, and paid me very well for what they expected me to do.  A job that in a lot of strange ways I'm probably going to miss.  The toughest part by far was having to "say goodbye."  It was a lot harder than I anticipated or prepared myself for.  And after thinking about it for a week here's why.

Saying goodbye to the familiar

After 13 years my former job was familiar, it's what I knew.  I was pretty good at what they wanted me to do.  Even though it was repetitive, there were days we made it really fun.

Saying goodbye to the comfortable

If my present job had not presented itself I would've been comfortable retiring from my former job.  I was comfortable there, with the work as well as the people.

Say goodbye to the people

The hardest part by far was having to say goodbye to 13 years of friendships, of working together every day.  The reason: for as dysfunctional as we were at times, we were still family.  I spend more time with those people than I did at home or at church.  It truly is a break in community.

So what now?

Now I have to get familiar with my new job. I have to grow in my comfort level for this job.  I have to be much more intentional about making new friends, building new relationships, while maintaining the old ones.  While there was a break in community, that doesn't necessarily mean there has to be a break of fellowship.

Change is good

(and sometimes, oft times, bittersweet)

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