Web Slinging 6.19.13

Confession: I've haven't been doing a very good job of keeping up on my reading the last few weeks.  I like to say I have a good excuse ... but I don't ... beyond the usual craziness of "being busy".  Instead of trying to weed through my Feedly for us helpful tips, I am going to be looking at just my blog roll for a while. Here's what I found most helpful ... Josh Griffin over on his site More Than Dodgeball had a great post about rest.  These are needed words for the crazy busy person I've become.

Chris Spradin had a post on his blog Epic Parent about things parents NEED to teach their children (... and learn themselves).

Kevin Scott had a great collection of stuff for dad's around father's day.

My friend Marty Machowski had a great post on his blog about about encouraging our kids.

Timothy Jones had a post a while ago on his blog about the importance of parents in the soul care of their children.

Hope these encourage you as they have me.

Around Twitter 6.29.13

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