The Gospel and Counseling

I've started a new book that I recently purchased, Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling. I hope to read this quicker than I have my last couple of books, while still learning from it.  Here's a quote from the first chapter:

There is hope in the gospel.  There is healing in the gospel.  There is power in the gospel. ... There is inexpressible joy in the gospel. ... This doesn't mean that pain, suffering, or sin is insignificant; it is real.  Pain hurts, struggles are hard, and sin flowing from us is a reality of the human experience.  But seeing God at the center, receiving the illuminating truth of His Word, experiencing God's grace in the gospel in the past gives hope for the present and the future. (pg. 34 & 35)

Christ Centered Biblical Counseling Copyright © 2013 by Biblical Counseling Coalition published by Harvest House Publishing

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