Tweets of the Week 6.11.13

I know it's been longer than a week, but here are my top seven tweets that caught my attention and made me think.

Too many Christians live by reason, informed by faith; instead of living by faith, informed by reason.

If we define Christianity as sinning less, we'll sin more. If we define it as looking to Jesus, we will, and we'll sin less.

Grace is the source of our salvation, mercy the environment, and peace the result

Gurus sit on mountain tops, shepherds walk in valleys.

Parents ur #1 role in parenting is Worship Leader - lead your children not to worship you or themselves but the one who Created them.

Parents, if you can't articulate why you believe what you believe, how can you equip your kids to face a skeptical world?

All leadership involves pain; either from the decline associated with stagnation or from growing pains. Choose wisely.

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