Book Review: Dangerous Calling by Paul David Tripp

If you follow this blog at all, (yes, I'm talking to the 4 of you) you know I've been reading Dangerous Calling by Paul Tripp.  This is a needed book for ANYONE in full time ministry (any position) or considering it.

What I liked

Tripp does a great job laying out the most comprehensive list of traps and pitfalls pastors typically face. He doesn't try to minimize it or water it down; he just comes out and says it.  These are things that I've seen in my own heart and character as well as in other pastors I know.  Tripp is truly pastoring pastors with this book.  He's frank and honest about his own shortcomings as well.  He hits everything from the disconnect between private and public personas (chapter 1), to the fact that suffering is part of God's plan, not in the way of it (chapter 15).

What I didn't like

This is probably really petty of me, but throughout the book I thought he added more examples than were necessary. To the extent that sentences would run on and on. It was almost apostle Paul like.  By the end of book I was thinking, "Ok, I get the point already!"  It's probably more on my bad attitude than on the author.


Get this book! Put it in the hands of anyone in vocational ministry or even considering it.

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