Tweets of the Week 5.7.13

Here again are the top 7 Tweets that have recently caught my attention:

The wounds of ministry can go deeper than we thought possible. But we have a Healer who heals more completely than we could have ever hoped.

Leadership Development costs times & money. Not prioritizing leadership development costs lots & lots & lots of time & money

Rebellion in the home does not honor God. Neither does inappropriately dealing with rebellion.

Real hope doesn't deny tragedy. It faces it head-on. Hope says "Yes, it's really bad, but I still trust God."

Satan wants to get people to have sex before they're married & then to stop having sex after they are married.

Your laziness, lust, disability and disease aren’t the real you. They’re temporary perversions—cancer the Great Physician will remove.

Hearing is not the same as listening.

Pastors and Personal Worship

Tweets of the Week 4.18.13