3 Years

Today is an anniversary of sorts.  It was 3 years ago today.  Hard to believe it's been 3 years. It was 3 years ago today that I started as the Pastor of Youth and Family Ministries at Redeemer Fellowship ... part time.  A lot has happened in 3 years. As you can tell from the above picture, I've seen, said, and heard things I wish I hadn't ... and at the same time I've seen, said, and heard things that I still marvel at the goodness of God for.

Yes, there have been ups and downs.  Yes, there has been triumph and tragedy. Through it all God has been faithful.

While I can honestly say, without hesitation, I'm physically tired.  Tired of being bi-vocational. Tired of not sleeping well.  Tired of being tired.

Yet ... with passion I can also say I've been blessed.  Blessed with opportunities to serve in ways I wasn't sure I was capable of.  Blessed to learn and to grow. Blessed to do all of this with people who I genuinely care for and who care for me.  While I wouldn't advocate being bi-vocational (at least the way I'm doing it), God has blessed me through it.

I've learned to rely on God's provision for the ability to do God's work as well as those God has put around me.

God is faithful.

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