Tweets of the Week 3.28.13 - The Magnificent 7

Here are the top 7 tweets that caught my eye this week:

Sinning creates spiritual callouses. Habitual sin doesn't bother you like it used to because you're numbing your conscience.

You can't selectively numb yourself. If you numb yourself to difficulties, you will also numb yourself to joy and beauty.

I was recently asked what single piece of advice I would give for public speakers. Simple: tell stories.

GOSPEL: there's nothing left to hide (it's already been covered); there's nothing left to prove (it's already been accomplished)

Let your exhaustion work for you. The living Christ visits the weak and weary.

If you are sufficient for your task, it's too small.

Spiritual Disciplines are invitations, not obligations; ways of being with God, not appeasing Him.

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