Pastor Beware

I can't escape to powerful punch that is this next statement:

What is the danger?  It is that familiarity with the things of God will cause you to lose your awe.  You've spent so much time in Scripture that it's grand redemptive narrative, with its expansive wisdom, doesn't excite you anymore.  You've spend so much time exegeting the atonement that you can stand at the foot of the cross with little weeping and scant rejoicing.  You've spent so much time discipling others that you are no longer amazed at the reality of having been chosen to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.  You've spent so much time unpacking the theology of Scripture they forgotten that it's an game is personal holiness.  You've spent so much time in strategic, local-church ministry planning that you've lost your wonder at the sovereign Planner that guides your every moment.  You've spend so much time at meditating on what it means to lead others in worship, but you have little private awe.  It's all become so regular and normal that it fails to move you anymore; in fact, there are sad moments when the wonder of grace can barely get your attention in the midst of your busy schedule. (pg. 114 - 115)

Dangerous Calling by Paul David Tripp. ©2012 by Crossway

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