Tweets of the Week 2.11.13

Here are the tweets that have recently caught my attention:

Discontentment is pride.

The fact that God has placed his love on you is not an endorsement of your character but a demonstration of his.

Truth and grace together is the heartbeat of a restorative community.

Success and failure share one thing in common. Both will reveal your character.

Because the gospel is the skeleton key to humanity, it can be carried effectively by the high class, the low class, and the jackass.

'Friendship halves our troubles and doubles our joys.' -J.C. Ryle

God is the father that runs to meet his children.

We readily train our kids to "say sorry" but how often do we teach them to confess their sin before the One they most offend?

Without moment-by-moment dependence on Jesus, however right we may be, we will get it wrong.

I think the best listening happens when you listen for what the other person finds interesting, not for what you find interesting.

Your identity is not your past (what has happened to you) or your present (how you sin). Your identity is beloved child of God.

Change is normal. Trying to hold on to the past will stunt your growth.

My hope is not in my ability to stay hopeful; my hope is in Jesus Christ and what He has already done for me.

Grace empowers you to destroy your sin, not tolerate it.

Prayer is not a sacrifice we make to God, but asking God to make good on his sacrifice to us.

We are called to reenact the gospel in our marriages.

Real community doesn't just happen on its own, it takes love, patience, authenticity, time, sacrifice and forgiveness.

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