Tweets of the Week 1.22.13

Finally feel like I'm back in the swing of things, which means I need to get back to blogging on a regular basis.  So we'll ease in with this, the thoughts of others that made me stop and think.  Enjoy!

"Outdo one another in showing honor" (Romans 10:12). A competitive sport where everyone wins and the fun never ends.

You don't create intimacy; you make room for it.

We need to learn to talk to ourselves more than listening to ourselves.

Every person should know their ministry and their mission.

Maturity is not about becoming independent, but about recognizing how deeply dependent you are on God's faithful grace.

Grace grabs your heart, shocks your soul, and disrupts your idols.

In leadership humility is greater than utility.

Growth happens OVER TIME, not OVERNIGHT. Be patient.

True community requires personal inconvenience.

Joy isn't the absence of sadness but the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Family Devotions: Lesson Learned

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