Family Devotions: Lesson Learned

So ... last night I sat the family down for devotions.  This time was a little different.  We changed things up a little bit.  We moved the time and the place, and it seemed to work ... well. The book we are using is Long Story Short by Marty Machowski.  It's the same book we use in our community group (we do lesson one of each "week" together as a group with the expectation that the rest will be done throughout the week ... kinda like homework).  So, anyway, back to last night...

Instead of doing family devotions in the living room right after dinner we moved to the kitchen right before the kid's bedtime.  This allowed for the final before bed snack and drink (that is usually asked for at bedtime) to be consumed.  The location and time seemed to have a calming influence on the children, which translated into them paying better attention.  They asked better questions and gave more thoughtful answers.

What did I learn from all this?  Change can be, and often is, a good thing.  A change of location, time, or even material can go a long way in keeping everyone engaged.  You would think I would've known this, because I have to do it in my own devotions from time to time.   This is one of those lessons I have to learn ... again and again.

How are your family devotions going?  What kinds of things are you doing or using that keeps everyone coming back for more?  Please leave a comment and join the discussion.

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