Tweets of the Week 11.20.12

Here are a the tweets that caught my attention last week (fewer than normal, wasn't on Twitter that much, probably why I got so much done ... hmmmm):

We’re not comfortable with something God says? So what? When it comes to truth, we get no vote.

Be patient with your disciples as Jesus has been patient with you.

A tender heart is the best defence against sin, and the best preparation for heaven. -Spurgeon

Let's love people not just tolerate them. There is a huge difference.

Sin is your greatest problem. Grace is your deepest need. Jesus is your only hope. Faith admits, bows down, believes and rests.

"The true secret of spiritual strength is self-distrust and deep humilty."

We jump from optimism to darkness so quickly when we aren't grounded in a deep faith that God is in the matter, no matter what the matter is

#MarriageTip - The issue isn't authority, it's trust. Without trust, every decision becomes a battle for power.

It will take a lot more energy today to wallow in self-contempt than to look for ways to encourage and serve others

“Sanctification is simply the art of getting used to justification.” – Gerhrd Forde

Timid Christians have a tiny God. Bold Christians have a big God.

Sin is trying to quench your God-sized thirst w/ small pleasures that leave you feeling dirty and thirsty.

Sin is addiction: An ever-increasing craving for an ever-diminishing pleasure

Children of God (pt. 1) - Introduction

Web Slinging 11.15.12