Tweets of the week 11.13.12

Here are some tweets that caught my attention.

It takes a community to know Jesus.

It's not gospel preaching if it doesn't humble us to our knees to repent and it's not gospel preaching if it doesn't raise us up to rejoice.

Sin dehumanizes. Grace rehumanizes.

Jesus did not die to make us moral. He died to make us alive.

Full-throttle into sin and then half-hearted into repentance doesn't work. Kill your sin with as much or more energy as you fed it.

The greatest hurdle to your growth isn't your weakness, but your self-perceived/ deceived strengths.

I used to think I could go though suffering and have victory on the other side. I've learned Christ in the midst of my pain is victory.

If you can't accept failure you'll continue doing the same thing.

Be sure that God's in control of every location, situation and relationship in your life. You don't have to load control on your shoulders.

Don't merely help people understand the gospel, help them feel it too.

Those believers who suffer are emblems of a gracious God who in his mercy entrusts them w/ pain to display His glory.

Any progress "past" the gospel is disguised regress.

Your trials, crosses, and conflicts are all temporary.

I promise that your most pressing problem is not unique to you.

Faith is not the absence of all doubt. Faith is submission to God even in your doubt.

“Flee the evil desires of youth” (2 Tim. 2:22). When you flee evil, you don’t keep turning around and asking, “Is this far enough?”

Marriage tip: Everybody's got baggage. Healthy couples help each other unpack, repack and move on.

Friendship is like money: the more you share it the more God gives you in return.

Preaching impresses people. Prayer impresses God.

Gospel ministry often seems to oscillate between the sublime & the ridiculous.

The more I pray, the more sovereign God seems; the less I pray, the more sovereign I pretend to be.

People naturally want to be objects of the ministry, not partners in it.

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