Tweets of the week (... or so) 10.23.12

Sorry, last week got away from me.  Here are the tweets that caught my attention.

If you don’t preach like there are lost people present, there won’t ever be any.

A key to community: Walk toward the mess, not away from it.

Every man needs a friend, another man who knows what he's really facing, what's really going on deep inside.

Effective parents aren't helicopters or bulldozers.They support their kids through life's rough terrains not carry over or plow smooth paths

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. - William A. Ward

Christ is the BEST pastor! (1 Peter 5:4).

Keep filling your heart up so you can keep pouring it out.

The missionary life doesn't have to be exhausting. Just do what you already do with gospel intentionality! #OnMission

The preciousness of the gospel is discovered in our suffering.

If #kidmin is doing their job well, #youthmin's job should be easier. But we work best together...make your youth min your friend!

Growing churches require growing leaders. The moment you stop growing, the church stops growing.

If you loved Jesus, you'd love his hot mess of a Bride.

"Constant contact with our Creator is essential to fulfill our calling."@pwilson #D62012

Good people don't follow bad leaders.

Daily ordinary ministry is often seen only by God. Let us not lessen its God-glorifying beauty by seeking the attention and applause of men.

"Self-control is not will power, it's gospel power" Tim Keller

Remorse < Repentance

The greatest gift you give your wife Is loving God above her life.

The Hope of the Harvest is in the Seed of the gospel.

If your marriage or personal life is faltering, be willing to get godly outside help now before worse damage is done.

Beating yourself up over your weaknesses, failures and inadequacies is one of many ways to despise and repudiate grace.

Good leaders don't aspire to hold power: in fact they work ferociously to give it away.

Life in Christ is filled with opportunities for repentance, reconciliation, & restoration.

There's a big difference in planning events to busy religious people than forming rhythms to integrate life on mission in community.

Be willing to change the plan when new information directs it. Irrational stubbornness is not a mark of leadership.

Delegation is the sometimes painful process of making people great.

Web Slinging 10.25.12

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