The 3 R's of Repentance

I'm re-reading Joe Thorn's book Note to Self.  Not just because he's my pastor, but because it a great devotional.  This morning I read chapter 30, Repent.  Here is what I (re)learned. Repentance truly happens in 3 parts: revolution, resolution, and repetition.

1. Revolution

Revolution is finding something offensive or distasteful.  Revolution will only come when you see the holy, just, and good character of God in contrast to yourself. (pg. 99)

2. Resolution

Resolution is purposing to walk in righteousness, delighting in God's law, laying off the old self, and walking in newness of life. (pg. 100)

3. Repetition

Repetition is the ongoing nature of this work.  Without repetition, it is all for nothing, for as long as you continue to sin, you need to repent. (pg. 100)

I don't know about you, my natural tendency when it comes to my sin is to beat myself up about it and throw a pity party.  I needed to be reminded that I should be revolted by my sin.  I need to be reminded that I should be resolute to walk the way God has call me.  I needed to be reminded to repeat this daily, if not minutely.

Hope this helps you the as much as it did me.  If it did, leave a comment ... or better yet, pick up a copy of this book.

(Excerpts taken from Notes to Self by Joe Thorn. Published by Crossway © 2011)


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