Union With Christ

I've had the book Licensed to Kill by Brian G Hedges for a while now.  The guys I'm in discipleship group with and I started it when we formed the group.  We got about halfway through it.  For some reason (I don't remember why) we put it aside for a while.  I recently came across my copy, and decided it was time to continue reading. Chapter 6 is entitled Transforming Grace - the Power of the Gospel.  This is where I picked the book back up.  Here are two quotes from that chapter that I've found helpful to reflect on in my battle to mortify sin.

Because of our union with Christ, we participate in all of his triumph.  His history counts as ours. Because we are in him, all that is true of him is also true of us.  No matter where we are in our progressive sanctification, we fight from a position of victory.  We have already been raised with Christ! (pg. 65)

Union with Christ is not something we are climbing toward, one rung of obedience at a time. It is already ours!  This means we are safe and secure. (pg. 65)

Excerpts taken from Licensed to Kill - A Field Manual for Mortifying Sin by Brian G Hedges. This book is published by Cruciform Press © 2011.

The power to overcome sin doesn't come from me and I can't do it on my own.  The power comes from my position in Christ ... which I already have.  I need to spend more time resting there, meditating on it.

What about you?  How are you doing?  What are you reading that you are finding helpful?  Leave a comment.

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