D6, in conclusion

D6 was a good experience.  I'm glad I went.  My expectations were ... blown away.  Not only did I hear some great teaching, meet some new friends, I was challenged about how I understand and do ministry.

What I Liked

1. The Practical Teaching - The notes I have from the labs and sessions I attended will keep me busy for many days.  I learned more about what I should be doing, how to do it, and why it's important.  With the labs there was time to ask questions and have an open dialogue with experienced ministry leaders.

2. The People I Met - Not only did I get a chance meet the people I was hoping to, I met some new friends, and even ran into an old friend.  Networking, learning of new opportunities, and picking some "heroes" brains was ... awesome.

What I Didn't Like

The one expectation I had going in that wasn't met was about the teaching.  I was expecting the teaching to be more ... biblical.  Now don't misunderstand me, the teaching was good, it was practical.  I needed to hear the messages I heard.  I guess I was expecting more sermon style messages during the main sessions.  I admit, I may have had unrealistic different expectations. Again let me stress, this didn't take away from the messages, I just wonder if they could have been better.


I would recommend this conference for anyone involved in children's, youth, or family ministry.  It's worth looking into.  I love the fact that it will be in Louisville next year (I can drive there).  It may not be next year (timing & finances) but I will attend D6 again.

Bringing Back the Classics

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