Tweets of the week 10.3.12

Here's the newest batch of tweets that caught my eye.

A great idea left undone is useless. What are you waiting for?

My pastoral strategy: Pray more. Listen close. Preach hard. Lead well.

Grace is like oxygen. We wouldn't be living without it but sadly we hardly notice it. Soak it up today & give thanks. Joy is at stake.

The rhythm of renewal is not rushed. The sanctification process is put over the fire, not in a microwave. Wait on the Lord!

Never mistake motion for action. ~Ernest Hemingway

"Dreams don't work, unless you do." -John Maxwell

My failure in sanctification is most likely rooted in a failure to believe my justification.

Leadership is not about what u read. It's about what u apply.

I've never heard someone complain of receiving too much encouragement.

If Jesus' good news doesn't permeate the center of your thought and devotion something else will: and it will usually be news about you.

There are few things as satisfying as being on a good team. If you find one, treasure it-- and don't leave it flippantly.

Jesus didn't die just 2 get u 2 heaven but also 2 bring heaven 2 earth thru u by His Spirit

We gather in worship to scatter in mission.

When what the Christian does takes precedence over what Christ did, it leads to a dangerous doctrine of self-salvation. Raymond Brown

Shout out to the faithful bi vocational shepherds. U wk 3 full time jobs. Fam, reg wk, & church. Salute to you for your faithfulness

Satan has a simple agenda: to keep lost people lost.

Men not afraid to fail are dangerous in a great way

Don't spend your ministry isolated. Lean into a network of people. Michelle Anthony @truinspiration #d62012

"The needle of the law must precede the thread of the gospel." - C.H. Spurgeon

Reasons for the lack of evangelism are essentially the same for the lack of prayer. We rarely talk ABOUT whom we are rarely TALKING to

Father, let not my zeal grow cold or my temper hot; Let not my heart grow hard or my mind soft; Let not my hopes grow low or my pride high.

Grace always, always, always contradicts what comes natural to us.

In the church it isn't true that we are only as strong as our weakest link. We are as strong as the strongest link - our omnipotent Christ

"Faith at home practices led by spiritually lethargic parents lead to spiritually lethargic children." @richardaross

A happy marriage exists when we're not so consumed by our own happiness.

Where to you feel unprepared and unable? God's amazing grace is greater.

Our souls are so calloused by sin that we do not sense its infinite offensiveness to God.

The world will know we are His disciples by our love 4 one another - being right w our church family is a prerequisite for evangelism.

Insecurity is a sin.

The End of the Day

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