D6 - Day 2

As D6 steamed ahead, I actually made it to every session of the final day.  Probably because it was set up to be a half day.  Because of what God was doing in my soul, I was determined to make it all day.  Here are some of the best quotes from some truly gifted communicators.

Sean McDowell

(Yes, the son of Josh McDowell.)

"The 3 myths about pornography are: 1) It doesn't effect me. 2) I'll quit later. 3) I'm not hurting anyone."

"Most kids aren't looking for porn, it's looking for them."

"The only way to combat this is to have grace infiltrate every aspect of their lives.  This takes accountability and community."

Fred Luter

"Kids can never be what they've never seen."

"Reach men. If you reach the man, the man will save the family."

"Scripture needs to be evident and obvious: 1) In your heart. 2) In your home. 3) In your habits."

Mark McPeak

"Use the 'oil' of grace to lubricate the machine of relationships."

"People want to give. Be willing to receive what they want to give."

Doug Fields

"Bigger isn't better. Better is better. Numbers feed insecurity."

" 'Hurry' in the enemy of depth."

"Comparison quenches peace."

"Bottom line - are you excited about the direction and condition of your soul?"

Brian Haynes

He ended the conference with a simple challenge coming from John 15:7; ask.

"What are you asking God for right now?"

All in all, I thought it was a great conference.  I'm glad I went and will probably attend again (especially since it will be in Louisville next year and I can drive there.)  I'll share my final thoughts next post (after they are fully formed).

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