D6 - Day 1

D6. Main conference. Day 1.  As I reflect on day 1 (or was it technically day 2 ... well, whatever.  You mean what I know).  As you can tell from my previous post, I kept hearing the same message.  We heard from some great speakers.  Here are some of the best quotes (and by quotes I mean this is the way I heard it and wrote it down):

Pete Wilson

"The goal of ministry is to abide, stay connected with Jesus. If you don't, failure is the only option."

"When problems arise do you go after 'me sized solutions' or 'God sized obedience'?"

"Ministry is messy."

"He will equip you with what you need to accomplish His tasks."

Richard Ross

"John 15 - Jesus message to the disciples moved from 'follow me' to 'abide in me'."

"Being busy for Him is never as important as relationship with Him."

"Faith at home practices led by spiritually lethargic parents lead to spiritually lethargic kids. Transparency is required."

"Could you be an expert at God's service but a novice in relationship with Him?"

"Experience the grace you preach."

Mike Glenn

"When it comes to young people today we can't assume biblical knowledge.  They need our help to: 1) read it, 2) understanding what it means, and 3) understanding how to do it."

"There are some things you only learn through obedience."

"There may be some people who can't come to Jesus because of the way we do things."

Tim Elmore

"Kids are growing up too fast and too slow at the same time."

"This is the result of 2 realities: 1) overexposure to information before they are ready, and 2) underexposed to experience far later than they are ready."

"This creates a psychological state of high arrogance combined with low self-esteem."

Day 1 had two more sessions that I skipped because I was struck with what I had already learned and what God was doing in my heart.  I had to get away, get alone with God, and let the Spirit do it's work in my soul.  That is where the previous post came from.

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