D6 - PreConference Labs

  D6 day one is over. It was a day filled with meeting some internet “heros”, making new acquaintances, and hearing some excellent teaching that gives me a lot to think about.  Here are just some of the highlights:

Session 1 - Jim Wideman

“The most important sermon you can preach, is preached to your family."

“All discipleship is, is letting your Christlikeness rub off on someone.”

Lab #1 - Ed Stetzer - The Cost of Discipleship

“Service impacts growth.”

“Growth impacts service.”

“Serving the hurting, saving the lost.”

 Lab #2 - Chris Spradin - Workaholics in the Name of Jesus

“We share only 90% of the truth, even if it’s awkward share the final 10%”

“There will be seasons of imbalance.  Make sure they are followed by seasons of imbalance the other way.”

“Sometimes you may have to say, ‘Take this job and shove it!”

Session #2 - Ed Stetzer - Going Deeper in Your Teaching Ministry

“The core values for depth are:

  • Deep, but not dry.
  • Christ centered.
  • Story focused.
  • Mission driven.”

Lab #3 - Jim Wideman - Managing Multiple Ministries

“Depend on lists and reminders because your brain is for thinking and dreaming, not remembering.”

Lab #4 - Greg Baird - Managing Ministry Mayhem

“Ministry is “brutiful” - both brutal and beautiful.”

“Understand your calling by regularly asking the following 3 questions:

  1. What are things only I can do?
  2. What are my most important leadership responsibilities?
  3. What, in the end, will I truly be held accountable for?”

“When there is a crisis: Slow down (it’s probably not as bad as it appears and rushing in usually makes it worse), Listen up (to the Holy Spirit), Look in (to uncover sin), and reach out (for help when needed).”

There was a session #3 ... but I didn’t go.  My mind had reached it’s capacity, and going would have made it hurt.  There were concepts today about what I’m definitely doing wrong, and ideas I need to implement as soon as I get home ... but those are for future blog posts.

D6 Epiphany - What If I'm doing It Wrong?

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