D6 Epiphany - What If I'm doing It Wrong?

  I've been here for a day and a half.  I've heard it several times. I've heard it said several different ways.  They all can't be wrong, right?  But if not, then I must be chasing the wrong goal in ministry. Let me explain.

Ministry is hard work.  Anyone involved in leadership knows this. That's not the earth shaking part.  What I'm wrestling with is, my role.  I'm a "worker".  If something needs to get done, I work at it until it is.  Nothing wrong with a little hard work, right? But ...

What if my role as pastor is to lead and develop others to work?

What if my role is to dream and cast vision?

What if my "work" is to lead?

Scary thoughts.  It rearranges my priorities. It actually makes my work harder than ever.

Please share thoughts and comments.  Help me work through this. All of us are smarter than one of us.

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