Tweets of the Week 9.4.12

  Here are some of the best tweets I caught this past week.

Heart change happens when you tell sinners what Jesus has done, not when you tell sinners what to do.

Spiritual leadership requires Spirit-filled people. -Oswald Sanders

Success = humbly pursuing, in light of the Word, what God has called you to do.

"Christianity is a life which grows out of truth." – Charles Spurgeon

Today people “come to church” to get “fed” rather than fellowship with the church to feed one another.

Doing ministry with ur friends--some of the people u love the most in the world--while not always easy, is by far the most awesome thing

Follow-through = close connection between ideas and action

Leaders: Because people are busy, we need to help them see their whole life as mission, not just what we do on Sunday.

"Sin is never more alive than when it is dying" (Owen). Sin screams its demands most loudly when we are winning. Don't quit. (@rayortlund)

The Gospel is both a command & an invitation. Saying no is not just turning down a chance to go to a party; it's profound disobedience.

Students need to be connected to the main church family. Student ministry shouldn't be an island.

Some get frustrated and leave things. Others stay, love & build them. How might this apply to friends, marriages, family, church, community?

Bad attitudes are contagious. Don't be that guy who gets everyone sick.

The gospel is for the lost and for the found.

Discipline isn't something to be done to someone but for someone.

Repentance is the bridge between Law and Gospel.

Clear, consistent sharing of the gospel by humble, loving people trumps a million creative expressions, vibes, strategies, atmospheres

Insecurity corrupts leadership

Men are looking for better methods. God is looking for better men. E.M. Bounds

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