Tweets of the Week 7.30.12

Here are the latest tweets that I paid attention to:

"True Biblical Christianity has only one concern: God himself; to know him, to mirror him, and to see him glorified." ~ Mark Kielar

"A crucified Savior will never be content to have a self-pleasing, self-indulging, worldly-minded people." ~ J.C. Ryle

we prize tolerance too highly. people don't want to be tolerated, they want to be loved. our standards are far too low.

Whatever you're facing today, just walk with God. It's not easy. But not walking with him won't make anything better.

Theology (doctrine) without doxology (delight) is a destructive pathology

Student pastors, disciple parents and help them become spiritual heroes for their kids

"Real prayer comes not from gritting our teeth, but from falling in love." - Richard Foster

Confidence in our own strength is our greatest weakness.

Accepted in Christ, we now run the race "for the joy that is set before us" rather than "for fear that comes behind us."

Teach your kids' that God's Word doesn't promise a perfect life, but a perfect God to walk with us through an imperfect life.

The day is coming for each Christian when we will start to smile and never, never stop.

Be careful of making secondary issues primary passions. In so doing we erode our effectiveness and misdirect God-given energy.

Dads, set a culture of grace, fun, and adventure in your home.

Grace does not lower the standards in our homes; it raises them.

Through union with Christ I've been swept up into the very love that ever flows between the Father and the Son. Life itself.

Fear of hell can change our behavior, but only the love of God can transform our hearts.

If God bores you, it's because your theology of God stinks.

We exist to glorify God in all things and to make disciples that make disciples.

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