Tweets of the Week 7.7.12

Enjoy these tweets that got me thinking:

Jesus, grant us eyes to your indelible image in all people today, more so than the things that too easily irritate us

God's care for you is secure because is does not depend on your faithfulness, but on his.

Humility isn't disinterested, quiet passivity, it's actively passionate selflessly other-centeredness.

May my true passion and driving motivation for ministry be only for the glory of Christ in all things and the salvation of the lost.

You will not regret anything you give up for Jesus. But you will regret everything you hold back.

"Spiritual maturity is not an end in itself, but a gift for others." --David Powlison

Right now counts forever. — R.C. Sproul

"Most of the noise in our souls is generated by our attempts to control the uncontrollable (Ps 131)." David Powlison

Mission naturally happens when the gospel rightly rooted in our life.

Preachers: Preaching reveals how much you love talking to people. Prayer reveals how much you love talking to God.

Artificial maturity is a result of information without experience.

Gospel: Just Look. Religion: Just Do it.

Warning that something needs to change: You have a growing ministry and a shrinking heart.

A lifetime of success will never compare to a lifetime of purpose.

Worship is your identity before it's your activity. You don't worship once a week, you worship your way through each moment of each day.

Low expectation churches make it too easy for people to drop out.

Forgiveness does not destroy our memory.

A deed done for the glory of God in response to grace is 'good'. A deed done for any other reason, though beneficial, is not truly 'good'.

The glorious bookends of instantaneous justification & glorification make progressive sanctification a journey to enjoy

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