Tweets of the week 6.26.12

Here is the newest batch of tweets that made me think:

unprocessed pain make us read things into situations that don't exist, processed pain gives the benefit of the doubt

No promise broken, no provision not delivered, no need unmet, his presence never denied, his power freely given, now that's grace!

Bible in a nutshell - God's purpose is to have a people for himself: a people he reveals his glory to; a people he displays his glory thru'.

Resting in Christ happens when we live like Christ has already done the most important work.

God loves sinners. It's his specialty. Not a sinner? No grace for you.

The church is not an audience of spectators; we are a fellowship of disciple-makers.

We were created out of community (the Trinity) for community (the Body of Christ). If you don't have it, you're not living fully.

"Grace ceases to be grace if God is compelled to bestow it in the presence of human merit." Sam Storms

WEATHER: Partly sinful today with a 100% chance of undeserved grace. Scattered love of God through the rest of the week.

As it turns out, parenting is kind of tough. Who knew?

Faithfulness always leads to fruitfulness in God's eyes but not always to successfulness in man's eyes.

"No Christian is in a healthy state of mind who is not prepared for trouble and persecution."

“Any attempt at Christian spirituality that does not include at its heart a reverence for God’s Word is vague at best.” @chrispoblete

Your heart was made for Him. Don't let the world take hold of it.

@mattguevaraWorry is essentially a misuse of imagination. - Alex Osborn

Truth hates sin. Grace loves sinners. Those full of grace and truth—those full of Jesus—do both.

Life is hard. Compromise is tempting. Critics are real. But Jesus’ love is always enough. It sustains us, empowers us, & encourages us.

Love is not possible, at least for long, without the healing work of forgiveness.

Our encouragement for our kids should always stimulate praise for God's grace rather than for their own goodness. Build hope in His power.

living in community is hard on our schedule... living in isolation is hard on our soul.

"We must teach our children to treasure Christ more than the possessions of this world." @plattdavid

Spending time with people teaches me their questions. Spending time with God teaches me the answers.

The fruit of a ministry is not best measured by what is said or written, but by the character & type of ldrs we produce.

The problem with being a parent is that by the time you are experienced, you are usually unemployed. -unknown

Web Slinging 7.5.12

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