Book Review: Date Your Wife by: Justin Buzzard

I finished reading Date Your Wife by Justin Buzzard over the weekend and wanted to write the review right there and then. Unfortunately, other plans got in the way. This book lived up to the hype! It's now on my "must-read" list for husbands.

What I liked

Buzzard starts with the big problem and solution in  marriage. He starts with the second most important truth you learn from reading his book:

You (men) are what's wrong with your marriage. It's your fault. (chapter 3 - Where Marriages go wrong, Part 1: The husband. Kindle edition)

He then spends the next several chapters explaining how men have failed to cultivate and guard their marriages. The husband fails to cultivate and guard because he believes the victory is won, the prize is obtained, and the mission is over just because he got married.  What the husband fails to realize is that this is only the beginning and he soon realizes that to guard and cultivate requires abilities he doesn't have.   (These are thoughts I've had, and I love when people smarter than me say things I've been thinking, and say it better than I would).

Which leads to the most important truth that Buzzard brings to light.

Now let's hear the most important truth: Jesus makes men new - Jesus turns husbands like you and me into the best thing that ever happened to our marriages. (chapter 6 Where marriages go right, part 1: The husband. Kindle edition)

Buzzard goes on to explain the differing definitions for the word "responsibility".  Is it:

My response to His ability.


My response to the One who took responsibility for my mess.

The first one is good, the second one is better. It better describes the gospel and a husbands need for it.  Jesus is the ONLY one who has the power to make men new, not just better.  It's the power of the gospel that makes marriages new and what they should be.

Buzzard ends the book with a reminder to men that they need to dream.  Dream of what a new and perfect (in light of the gospel) marriage would be like.  Dream of how (with the power of the gospel) to make it reality.  Here he gives several practical suggestions on how to do this.


Every husband, every man, every boy that wants to be a man, needs to read this book! It is gospel rich, practical and if that's not enough it's entertaining to boot! Men, get this book, read this book, and let Jesus make your marriage new!

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