What's Wrong With Your Marriage

Just started reading Date Your Wife by Justin Buzzard.  Great read so far, I'll have a full review when I'm finished with it.  Had to stop to stop and share this quote:

To be a man is to be entrusted with enormous privilege and responsibility.  To be a man it to be a cultivator and guardian.  To be an man is to know God put you on this planet to cause life to flourish.  God created Adam and God created you to cultivate and guard.  And Adam screwed it all up.  And so have we.  God gave Adam a job before he gave him a wife.

To date your wife is to cultivate and guard her.  Dating your wife means to cultivate and guard your wife and your marriage. Cultivate it and guard it.  You haven't do it.  One way or another, you and I are just like Adam.  We've failed to be the man that God created and commissioned us to be." (emphasis added) Chapter 3 -  Where Marriages Go Wrong, part I: The Husband (Kindle Edition)

The problems that marriages face is that of men not being men.  Forgetting to do what God called them to do.

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