Tweets of the week 5.22.12

This weeks latest and greatest from the best and brightest ... or at least things that made me stop and either think or laugh out loud.  Enjoy!

You must rest well to lead well.

There is no form of sin or suffering that Christ has not already conquered.

The sarcastic culture of the church is in direct conflict with an effort for authenticity

More men fail through lack of purpose than lack of talent. Billy Sunda

You are not your sin, your failure, or your past - you are who God says you are in Christ.

Assurance isn't presumptuousness but dependence.

Love it when the youth pastor preaches. Don't get his jokes, his haircut, or his point, but he's done in 23 minutes.

LEADERS: You must love them before you can lead them.

may nothing in our lives be held so close, that it be not deemed worthy of removal at our Master's bidding

"Leaders aren't born they're made. They're made just like anything else - through hard work"

Prayer unlocks God's promises. God's promises prove his faithfulness. His faithfulness motivates us to pray.

Healthy missional communities act like good marriages; they talk about their relationship.

Join the Dark Side, we put the cute in execute.

The pulpit is an open field. The Scriptures are a lightning storm of God's glory. Gospel-centered preaching is lifting up a metal pole.

As you minister the gospel to hurting and sinful people have low expectations for next week and high expectations for next year.

Since sin blinds, we don't know ourselves as well as we think we do - we all need people who will help us see ourselves with accuracy

"Your trials, crosses, and conflicts are all temporary."

Genesis & Revelation are best friends. They totally finish each other's sentences.

"Every time you draw your breath, you suck in mercy. —Thomas Watson"

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