Tweets of the Week 5.15.12

Here are the tweets that caught my attention from last week.  There are a few funny ones, the rest reminded me of how great and awesome God is!

Every Christian family ought to be as it were a little church. -Jonathan Edwards

Wondering where I'd be without older godly men in my life who encourage me, pray for me, and point me to Jesus.

Salvation has absolutely nothing to do with human merit and absolutely everything to do with divine mercy.

A Christian marriage is only truly Christian if Christ is everything and not the marriage.

My lightsaber is red, Obi-Wan's is blue, Mace Windu's is purple, because he's got more swag than you.

"Scriptural hope is not wishful thinking. It's rock-solid assurance!" Adrian Rogers

If you are God's child, you are intimately connected to and involved in the most important work in the universe; redemption.

The church should be a hospital for the hopelessly helpless, not a show room for success stories

I'm very thankful the gospel gets us (me) better than we (I) get the gospel

We can't approach life with a "I got this" attitude. Reality is we don't. We need Jesus.

'Our self-perception is as reliable as a carnival mirror.' CJ Mahaney

Disciple out of your weaknesses and you'll create disciples who find strength in the gospel.

"Theology is meant to be LIVED and PRAYED and SUNG!" (Grudem)

If personal happiness is your ultimate goal for your marriage, you'll never find it.

Legalistic obedience is disobedience.

Godly leaders humbly admit when they're wrong. Worldly leaders don't.

Our assurance of salvation is established on the unchanging promises of God, not the ever-changing emotions of our hearts.

Let me give you a little leadership secret: love people.

It is a privilege to serve your local church. Do it with joy.

"It is better to go bruised to heaven than sound to hell." - via Richard Sibbes (The Bruised Reed)

When you pit theology against discipleship you're creating a false dichotomy that's doing the opposite of what you're hoping.

Evangelism is realizing how much life and refreshment are in Jesus and, then, not being able to keep yourself from telling someone else

You may judge me for seeing the Avengers twice in a weekend. But know that I judge you for not doing so.

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