Tweets of the week 5.6.12

Here are the newest list of tweets that have occupied my thoughts:

Kids relate to people who make fun of themselves.

Chris Poblete

"Sin is like the unnoticed drips of water that silently destroy the foundation of a house." (@paultripp)

Jeff Medders

Ministry not going the way you thought? Don't give up. Took Noah 70 years to build the Ark. You can keep working & waiting on God.

Tim Brister

The "Prayer" disciplines press the gospel inward, creating space for our hearts to experience Jesus

Luke Macdonald

Clarity is the currency of quality communication.

Alyssa Graham

Grace is opposed to earning, not to effort. -J.P. Moreland

Ed Stetzer

If you are regularly willing to give a critique, but not willing to take one, you're not a leader-- you are just a cynic.

Josh Howerton

Salvation costs you nothing. Discipleship costs you everything.

Scotty Smith

The less time I spend communing with Jesus, the quicker and deeper I get irritated with people. Go figure

Tom Ascol

True mortification of sin consists in a knowledge of our sinful nature, & its subjection to the power of divine grace-Winslow

Ryan Huguey

The source of spiritual weariness is not circumstantial, it's theological.

Bob Kauflin

Our goal as parents isn't to make sure our kids never sin but to teach them how to deal with sin in light of the gospel.

David Murray

Compassion: An ability to imagine someone's pain so vividly that we feel the same pain ourselves.

David Platt

Praise God: His capacity to forgive is greater than our capacity to sin.

Chris Kainu

"All ventures in holiness go rotten at the core when gain, in any form, rather than gratitude, motivates them." - J. I. Packer

Tim Keller

It's important to remember the Gospel is a story; not a set of bullet points.

Jared Wilson

Deep personal insecurity + disbelief in the gospel = Jerks OR Cowards

Burk Parsons

It's impossible to separate word ministry from deed ministry, distinguish, yes, but not separate.

JC Ryle

"It costs something to be a true Christian. It will cost us our sins, our self-righteousness, our ease & our worldliness."

Joe Thorn

Pride is the fruit of bad, or unapplied, theology.

Web Slinging 5.7.12

Running, Resting, and (trying not to) Burn Out (pt. 2)