Tweets of the Week 4.2.12

Here is the most recent batch of tweets that caught my attention. Perry Noble @perrynoble People that are afraid of hard work will rarely see any progress!

Darrin Patrick @darrinpatrick If you are a grace addict, then you will be a holiness practitioner

Andy Stanley @AndyStanley If you want to know what Jesus MEANT, pay attention to what He DID.

Ryan Huguley @RyanHuguley The difference between a vision and a mere idea is a clear strategy

Trevor Lee @trevormclee Family ministry starts with passion, succeeds through vision, perseveres with investment & ends with repeating the process.

Philip Nation @philipnation Danger in our relationship with Christ begins with a simple & understated movement: drifting.

James MacDonald @jamesmacdonald Law demands; love pleads. Law shouts; love weeps. Law pressures; love waits. Law destroys; love prays. Philemon vv8-9

Corby Stephens @corbystephens The more you ponder holiness of God, the more you will understand how sinful we are, and appreciate the grace that only comes through Jesus.

Dr. Crawford Loritts @CrawfordLoritts Sin should frightens us. It is the enemy of our growth. It causes us to lose the ability to do what is right. God help us. Amos 3:10

Jared C Wilson @jaredcwilson Benefits of a weak/small but true faith? Crawling your sorry self across the finish line, Jesus, arms out, says, "Well done!"

Paul David Tripp @PaulTripp It's not just forgiveness, but a brand new identity as well ~ GRACE.

Justin Buzzard @JustinBuzzard The gospel: The good news that you don't have to do anything to be forgiven & loved, Jesus did it for you.

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