Tweet of the Week 3.1.12

Yes I know, some of these are over a week old. Sorry. I'm still getting the hang of this blogging routine. Matt Chandler @MattChandler74 Don't let the task overtake the task giver.

Paul David Tripp @PaulTripp Obedience is much more than begrudging duty to abstract rules. No, it is a moment by moment means of personally celebrating grace.

KidMin360/Greg Baird @KidMin360 “A child of five, if properly instructed, can, as truly believe, and be regenerated, as an adult.” – Charles H. Spurgeon #KidMin

Jonathan Dodson @Jonathan_Dodson True friendship comes through shared suffering, truth, & trust.

D6 Conference @theD6conference "Spiritual formation begins at home, but it does not end there." @kurtbruner

Justin Buzzard @JustinBuzzard Leader, your strongest tool is vision. Lead your people w/ the big vision God has given you.

jaredcwilson @jaredcwilson Don't assume difficulty in your ministry means a lack of calling to it.

Eric Haynes @Eric_A_Haynes Dear God, show me where You need me to shift my thinking and modeling of the spiritual journey to my kids today. #tc #parenting #fammin

Darrin Patrick @darrinpatrick In prayer, God changes our desires instead of meeting our demands

Givethemgrace @givethemgrace Is our message to our children, "Do better" or is our message, "Jesus, friend of sinners." They need more than morals they need a Savior.

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