Tweets of the Week 1.24.12

Here are the latest tweets from the last week (or so) that caught my attention, Corby Stephens @corbystephens Belief is manifested in actions, both our actions and God's.

Jonathan Dodson @Jonathan_Dodson If your mind isn't being stretched, then you're not reading your Bible.

Chris Poblete @chrispoblete A good measure of fruit in ministry is not how much "stuff" you do, but how deep your disciples go - and how deeply they take others.

jaredcwilson @jaredcwilson Nothing never happens when we pray

Justin Buzzard @JustinBuzzard Some husbands are better at dating their laptops and iphones than dating their wives.

Randy Alcorn @randyalcorn Truth without grace crushes people. Grace without truth deceives people.

Philip Nation @philipnation Gospel is not a buzzword. Mission is not a fad. Church is not antiquated. Unless your ego gets in the way.

Steve Timmis @STimmis The best way to motivate people to action is to expose their hearts to the hot fire of grace.

Ray Ortlund @rayortlund Sin often feels normal, even moral. It's another reason we need to follow the Bible, not our own sense of things.

In Their Own Words 1.25.12

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