Tweets of the Week 1/14/12

Sharing with you a few of the tweets that got my attention this week: Scotty Smith @ScottyWardSmith 9 Jan As followers of Jesus, at our worse, he thoroughly delights in us; at our best, we are desperate for his mercy & grace

Tullian Tchividjian @PastorTullian 9 Jan Sanctification involves the objective reality of the past (pardoned full and free) impacting the subjective reality of the present.

Ryan Huguley @RyanHuguley 10 Jan When we diminish the POWER of God we hesitate to depend on the PERSON of God.

Rick Warren @RickWarren 11 Jan Circumstances dont make me miserable. My response does.

Tim Brister @timmybrister 12 Jan There is no shortage of steadfast love in God so that there may no shortage of soul gladdening joy in you.

Jonathan Dodson @Jonathan_Dodson 12 Jan Genuine faith tips into conviction. If you really trust in something, you’ll be passionate about it.

jaredcwilson @jaredcwilson 12 Jan True for most all of us: The more we study our Bibles, the less we'll say wrong things. Do the work.

JR Vassar @jrvassar 13 Jan God, grant me fire in my bones, truth on my lips, and love in my heart.

JD Bridges @JDBridges 13 Jan The Gospel is our assurance God isn't hoping we'll do better next time.

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