It's been a year. As of Friday, April 1, 2011 (my day off ... from church), I've been a part-time vocational pastor for exactly one year. The year went by fast. Here is what I've learned:

Personally: This job is way above my head, and strength ... but not above the God who put me there. Plenty of times the thought went through my head that I can't do this job. My strength is limited, as is my brain (insert jokes here). God provides the strength for His work. My personal walk with the Lord is the conduit that He uses to provide that strength. I need to do a better job this year at strengthening that conduit and growing in holiness.

Professionally: Parents are (and need to be) the primary faith trainers of their children. They have the most time with their kids and the most influence. Churches needs to do all they can to support parents and walk along side them. If parents (and especially Dads) aren't doing this important job, someone else will. I need to continue to refine my thinking in this area and continue to champion this cause.

Finally: Any pastor needs a good group of fellow ministers, pastors, and elders who can encourage, and speak truth into our lives and ministries. I am very fortunate to be blessed with a great church family of elders who routinely keep me on the right path. As well as guys who hold the same position (basically) that I do, who can see things from the outside and speak truth in (even in the hardest of circumstances). I need to make myself more available to do these kinds of activities for others.

What lessons has God been teaching you this past year?

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