I try to read as much as possible. Currently I am reading 4 books for ministry purposes. I read this much and this variety partly because of my undiagnosed A.D.D. (and by that I mean, my short attention span) and partly because I need things in smaller chunks in order to wrap my (little) brain around the concepts being discussed. Being involved in both children's and youth ministry, I try to read something for each one of those areas. I also try to read something that nourishes my own soul. All this to say, it got me thinking about what others might be reading that I am missing? So, here is what I am reading:

For children's / family ministry I am reading God, Marriage, and Family by Kostenberger.

For youth ministry I am reading How People Change by Lane / Tripp.

For personal growth I am reading both Dug Down Deep by Harris and Hurt Healer by Nolan.

Most of you, like me, have a backlog of books to be read. In my mind it doesn't hurt to have a few suggestions waiting for an opening. With that in mind, what are you reading and finding profitable for life and ministry? Feel free to share in the comment section.

One Year Later

Reflections from Children Desiring God 2011