Reflections from Children Desiring God 2011

Last week, (Thursday night through Saturday afternoon) I attended the Children Desiring God national conference. It was a powerful time for me personally as I sat under some amazing teaching. Here are just a few of the highlights, ideas that will be running around my head for the next several months: John Piper - Jesus will not deal with people who will not take a stand for the truth (Matt. 21:23-27)

Russell Moore - Children's ministry is spiritual warfare over the issue of authority (Mark 1:14-28), therefore Children's ministry MUST teach the cross. Otherwise we are using the Bible to teach and train satanists.

Kempton Turner - The effectiveness of your ministry will be in direct correlation to your being with Jesus (Mark 3:13-14) in His book. We need to study the written Word to encounter the Living Word.

David Michael - We must stand (Eph. 6) against the schemes of the devil and for the truth.

That was just the plenary sessions. There were also breakout/workshops where a lot was shared as well.

Russell Moore (on the topic of training parents to discipline with the end in view ... and no this wasn't a workshop on spanking) - When we over or under discipline we give the next generation a wrong view of the future.

Jill Nelson (on the topic of helping children develop a biblical worldview) - Teach children that our feelings do not decide what is true; rather our feelings are to conform to the truth (Jer. 17:9)

Jon Nowlin (on the topic of a biblical "relational" youth ministry) - The Gospel makes true fellowship possible (1 John 1:3).

Kempton Turner - (on the topic of truth drenched youth ministry) - The Word is not boring, people are; especially when what is being taught isn't drenched in truth.

Personal reflections:

- God started something in my heart this past weekend that will be the subject of a future post once I get more of it figured out. It's painful, but in a good way. Thank God I had good, close, godly men around me who spoke directly into that pain and how I was dealing with it. Jared, Jeff, Marty, and Deepak - you guys are the best!

- It was a great conference ... but, because it was jam packed, there was no time to process what was being shared. Maybe that is what was supposed to happen after, at home, but information overload may have set in and something could have been easily missed. CDG might be wise to reconsider length and or number of events. I for one, would be willing to be there longer and have a little more down time to process.

- The topic was right what I needed to hear, timely and practical.

- This last one, is kind of where my ADD kicks in, and may have been bad planning on my part but ... my little brain can't handle Dr. Russell Moore for back to back sessions. The man is just too deep. :-)

Finally, I think the quote of the entire trip came from Bertha, my GPS, (yes I named her and if you knew her would understand why), "Make a u-turn and arrive at destination." Really ... that's the best you got?

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