Helping Generation iY with their future

I'm two chapters away from finishing Tim Elmore's book Generation iY. He put together a great list of helpful things to keep in mind when helping the next generation define their future. He discusses it throughout chapter 10 (pgs. 155 - 170). He summarizes his list on page 166: 5 Decisions to help Generation iY find their way:

1. VALUES - first because this will be their moral compass. 2. VISION - next because this will be their blueprint for life. 3. VIRTUES - follows and reveals best tools of influence and serve. 4. VENUE - comes next because now they are ready to find a suitable context. 5. VEHICLES - last step, choosing the actions necessary to reach the goal. (taken from Generation iY by Tim Elmore. Published by Poet Gardener, 2010, pg. 166)

These are the things we that work with, lead, or parent kids in this generation need to keep in mind.

Your thoughts? What would your list look like?

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