Is Rebellion Necessary?

If you follow my blog at all, over the past 2 posts I have been talking about the book Why Christian Kids Rebel by Dr. Tim Kimmel. I am coming to understand how great a resource this book is. Kimmel defines rebellion " ... in the life of a kid brought up in a Christian environment as deliberate antagonism towards God, God's standards or the people God has placed in authority in a child's life." (Pg. 31) Kimmel goes on to say that this rebellion manifested in one of two ways, generally: "aggressive defiance or passive indifference. As I stated in a previous post, Kimmel then lists 8 reasons kids rebel (see that post). It's #7 I want to deal with today: "It's an essential part of the pilgrimage."

My Conclusion:

All kids rebel ... out of necessity. It may not be drastic or drama-filled; but it's a fact, even "good kids" rebel in some way. Why? I believe it's necessary in order to make faith personal and real. Without the internal struggle, faith never becomes something internal. Without some kind of "rebellion", faith is never really transferred, it's still mom and dad's. They need to make it their own. Kimmel reminds his readers that faith needs to be forged through difficulty and trial; it's how God grows His people.

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Things to remember when kids rebel

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