Still Reading ...

Yeah, yeah it's a new look for the blog, get over it! :-) I'm still reading Why Christian Kids Rebel by Dr. Tim Kimmel. This is an excellent resource on the topic / title.

I'm in chapter 8 titled Cocoon Christianity. It has given me a lot to think about especially as it relates to my context, the suburbs. This is the way most of the people in this context live their lives: protected ... or so they think.

As parents we try to protect our kids from the dangers of the world. What I am learning from Dr. Kimmel is that this is where most parents stop parenting. They believe that their job is done as long as the children are protected. What a lie of the devil we have bought into!

Kimmel suggests that we need to move from protecting to preparing. As parents we need to prepare our kid to interact with the world. This preparation doesn't just show them how to survive in the world they live in, but should equip them to to flourish with and by God's grace.

That by the way, is only accomplished as we, as parents, live a life radically devoted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As our kids see us, as parents, focused on Jesus' finished work on the cross, they will see there is truly nothing to fear from the world.

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