Childhood Conversion

As a childrens ministry pastor I am continually challenged and encouraged by the students I teach. I joke with them that they teach me at least as much as I teach them (they think it's a joke, but I know it's true.) This weekend was no exception. It got me thinking about them and what conversion "looks like" for someone younger than say, age 10. I was converted as a teen and have seen God bring people from death to life as adults; but what does that experience look like for a child? I ask the question for a couple of reasons:

1. I am hoping to start this as a discussion thread. 2. Both my wife and a close friend claim to have been converted as children (both I believe around age 5 or 6). What makes their experience different than most kids that grow up in church. 3. We don't see many childhood conversions. Why? 4. What (if anything) are our programs doing to encourage kids to come to Christ (repent & believe), and follow Him the rest of their lives (sanctification)?

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