Gospel-centered Family - Review

I just finished reading (and tweeting about) the book Gospel-centered Family by Ed Moll and Tim Chester. This book is published by The Good Book Company (www.thegoodbook.com). I met these guys at the Together for the Gospel conference and they gave me this book. Since then I have ordered a few more resources from them and have liked everything I've read, they've been very helpful. What I liked This resource is perfectly set up for both individual or small group study. On page 7, (part of the introduction) the authors lay out the format for the book. The start of each chapter is a scenario to consider, it then moves into the biblical background, and some reading that discusses the principle - both theologically and applicationally, and ends with questions for reflection and ideas for actions. This versatility makes it's a great resource for couples just getting into the parenting game, or those who have been at it for a while and struggling with it.

What I didn't like Nothing.

Ok, nothing major, more my problem than a problem with the book itself. The book was written in "proper" english. Some words aren't spelled the same. It took my immature brain a few seconds to deal with that while reading (and not lose my train of thought).

Seriously, that's it. I really liked the book.

Conclusion I would recommend parents and pastors alike to pick this book up and give it a read. It is a good resource and source of encouragement.

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