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Late last summer through the end of the year (essentially) I was struggling with forgiveness. To read about the specifics go to and search "forgiveness". I'm not going into the details here, but I did want to point those of you who are struggling with this topic to 2 resources that I found extremely helpful. The other reason I am doing this is because I was reminded by a friend recently that gave me one of the resources, that I hadn't blogged on it. Recovering from Child Abuse by David Powlison The Christian Counseling & Education Foundation (CCEF) has put out a very helpful booklet on this topic. It's a short book that challenges the reader to read through Psalm 55 - 57 and see how the descriptions of what is transpiring are a turning to an "all-powerful God and expecting help and deliverance." The author's point, is that we are not naturally forgiving. We need God's help in forgiving. We are never alone in our suffering, God is always with us.

unpacking FORGIVENESS by Chris Brauns This is a longer book that gets more in-depth. The main point that I walked away with was how can we expect God to forgive our sin, when we are unwilling to forgive others. God sees our sin and the sin committed against us the same. We, as human beings, are much more comfortable with setting levels of sin, some worse than others.

I would recommend both of these resources to anyone who is struggling with this topic. Forgiveness is possible with God's help. Forgiveness can be found in the same place Christians find it, at the cross.

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