Who do you owe?

At the beginning of this year, Redeemer Fellowship went through our "core values" One of our core values is "mission"; specifically the mission of making disciples. It got me thinking about the how that is accomplished, or the process of discipleship. It dawned on me during that particular sermon that who you are discipled by will mark your walk with God.As I reflected over my Christian experience, I have learned from so many men and women of God, who were willing to be used by Him to help me along the way. Going back before I converted, the list starts with Alice Gronius who held a weekly Bible study in the neighborhood. Youth Pastor Dave Galanter and his staff of volunteer team leaders Chad Sessions and later Curtis Miller. Youth Pastor Doug Holliday and volunteer leader Kirk Chaffee. Pastors like Tom Perez and Chris Kainu. Former ministry heads like Duane "Digger" Lambert and Brenda Stuart. Friends like Scott Esteb, John Lohman, Corby Stepehens, Josh Crooch, Chris Keenon, Mike Adams, Jimmy Petterec, Pete Sutton, Rob Warford, Myke Pace, Mark Miller. Current ministry partners: Joe Thorn, Jeff Willey, Tom Nicoski, Dave Lewis, Ivan Ishkov, Collin Evans, DeAnn Willey, and Wendy Nicoski. Friends in ministry situations similar to my own like Jared Kennedy. The students I do or have taught. The list could go on (and I have probably left people off unintentionally), but you get the point. With the list above, was I in a "formal" discipleship relationship with each one, no. With some, we have walked through life together for a time, while with others I gained from their experience, knowledge, and wisdom. But they all have added to who am I am. God has used each and every one to form me into who He wants me to be. I am, and will continue to be, grateful to each person on this list for their influence in my life. You have blessed me and, "Thank you!" just doesn't seem to be enough. So I end this post with where I started it, "Who do you owe?"

Thoughts on Discipleship

3/18/10 My Take: 1 Cor. 3:6 - 9