Web Slinging 1.30.14

Here's what I've been reading this week via the web: Tim Challies had a great post on accountability.  He writes, "Accountability is a specific—and if done right, helpful—form of bearing one another’s burdens."  Good stuff here, a must read.

Redeemer's own intern Joey Cochran, had a blog post about ... blogging.  He says, "... are we making the most of what we can with the inter web?"  This should make a bloggers, especially Christian bloggers, think about what they are putting out.

Phillip Nation wrote on the subject of failure.  He says, "We all know failure to be a reality so the only question we are left with is: 'How will I handle it?' "

Craig Jutila had a great post on change.  He writes, "I think "what’s next" is another great question to ask and it also lends itself to many other questions when it comes to change."  I'm guilty of what this post talks about.  I needed to read this.

And finally ...

The Association of Biblical Counselors had a post about resolving conflict.  It reads "Sometimes the only way to heal what is sick or broken is to get to the source, to seek true healing, to go vertical." Very helpful read.


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